Abby Gleason
Abby Gleason {Graphic Designer & Photographer}


About Abby Gleason

Hi, I'm Abby. 

I was raised in Pittsburgh but also lived and worked in San Francisco and Denver in the past 5 years. I’ve recently returned from a 4-month solo road trip around the United States during which I passed into 38 states, 19 national parks and drove 18,000 miles. I am replanting my roots back in Pittsburgh, PA and ready to get to work.

I love to gather inspiration and experience to give uniqueness to my design work. I have been in graphic design for over 7 years. My first 3 years designing were mainly helping small businesses with web and branding needs as a freelancer, and the last 4 years have been in corporate settings (retail and financial) doing a broad range of design for web and print. I love to work hand lettering and illustrative elements into my work whenever appropriate and possible.

New Pride: I enjoy a spicy level 7 out of 10 in Indian food
Fave Wine: Carmenere
Podcast Junkie: Serial, Reply All, Heavyweight, TED Radio Hour, NPR anything
Old School: I carry around a notebook for all my ideas and to-dos

Abby is a sharp, multi-talented, gifted designer. She is smart, quick, project manages, well-organized, takes initiative, multi-tasks, pushes for great work, and is pure joy to work with.
— David Chiow, Creative Director at Great-West Financial